Welcome to our Nursery!

Hello and welcome to our 'neighbourhood' nursery. Here at Bear Necessities we aim create a 'home away from home' feel for your child as they begin their learning journey within our care. Our purpose built nursery consists of four rooms for our four different age ranges. First we have Green room for our 6mth-1years, next is Blue room for our 1-2 year olds, then we have Yellow room for our 2-3years olds and finally Red room (pre school) for our 3-5 year olds.

Each room is catered for their age range and offers various suitable activities for the children. Here are a few examples of what we offer at our setting





Bears Childcare LTD

Welcome to Bear Necessities Private DayCare. Our ‘Neighbourhood Nursery” has been purpose-built for children;
we aim to provde the highest quality childcare and education from birth to five at affordable prices.